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Recent Competition Results

This page provides results of IWW competitions.
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The Kathleen Grattan Prize for a Sequence of Poems - November 2018

Judge: Stu Bagby

Winner: Heather Bauchop for The Life in Small Deaths
Runner-Up: Gillian Roach for She's Over There, Love

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Writing a Story in Letters - November 2018

Judge: Keitha Smith

First: 'A Two Year OE' by Duncan Perkinson
Second: 'The Tudor Letters of Thomas Molyneaux and William Stanley' by John Leyland
Third: 'A Right Royal Occasion' by Beverley Teague Highly Commended: 'Author, Author' by Christine Beardon
Highly Commended: 'Caught in the Act' by Carol Sharma

Memory Story - October 2018

Judge: Maria de Jong

First: 'Testing Chloroform' by Carol Sharma
Second: 'The Debutante Ball' by Leonie Couper
Third: 'The Case of the Bloated Hedgehog' by John Leyland
Highly Commended: 'Six Days' by Edna Heled.

Poetry - One short and one long - August 2018

Judge: Yvonne Walus

First: Beverley Teague
Second: Jenny Clay
Third: Carol Sharma
Highly Commended: Denise O'Hagan & Caroline Carlyle

Short Story - August 2018

Judge: Gina Cole

First: Gay Johnson - 'Momento Mori'
Second: John Leyland - 'At 1400 Hours'
Highly Commended:
Tamsin Worsley - 'Tarnished Stars'
Duncan Perkinson - 'What we left behind'

Opinion Piece - July 2018

Judge: Greg Bruce

First: Beverley Teague - 'Where the Law Fails Young Vulnerable People Change is Needed'
Second: Gay Johnson - 'A Good Death'

Haiku and Tanka - June 2018

Judge: Johanna Emeney

First: Sue Courtney
Second: Jenny Clay
Third: Annie Glancey
Highly Commended: Leonie Couper

7-10 Minute Play - May 2018

Judge: June Allen

First: 'Uncle Dick's Dream' by Leonie Couper
Second: 'A Broken Window Murder' by Gavin Flower
Third: 'A Strange Monotony' by Mark Howell

Short Story - April 2018

Judge: Jenny Sturm

The challenge was to write a 500 word short story that inluded these words: trust * epiphany * disturbing * development * relief

First: 'Maternal Instinct' by Leonie Couper
Second: 'Coming Apart' by Maris O'Rourke
Third: 'Democracy' by Duncan Perkinson

The Kathleen Grattan Prize

Winners of The Kathleen Grattan Prize for a Sequence of Poems

The winner of the 2018 prize is Heather Bauchop for her sequence The Life in Small Deaths.
Gillian Roach is the runner-up.

The winner of the 2017 prize is Janet Newman for her sequence Tender.
Anne Hollier Ruddy is the runner-up.

The winner of the 2016 prize is Michael Giacon for his sequence Argento in no man land.
Caroline Carlyle was presented with the 'Emerging Poet Award'.

The winner of the 2015 prize is Maris O'Rourke for her sequence Motherings.
Sue Wootton is runner-up.
Gay Johnson was presented with the 'Emerging Poet Award'.

The winner of the 2014 prize is Julie Ryan for her sequence On Visiting Old Ladies.
Jane Newman is runner-up.

The winner of the 2013 prize is Belinda Diepenheim for her sequence Bittercress and Flax.
Maris O'Rourke was the runner-up.

The winner of the 2012 prize is James Norcliffe for his sequence, What do you call your male parent?'.
Jenny Clay was the runner-up.

The winner of the 2011 prize is Jillian Sullivan, for her sequence How to live it.
Siobhan Harvey and Aysha Vitapa-Aspinall were joint runners-up.

Joint winners were declared. They are
Janet Charman, for her sequence, Mother won't come to us, and
Rosetta Allan for her sequence Capricious Memory.

The winner of the 2009 prize is Alice Hooton, for her sequence America.
Jackie Ottaway was runner-up.